Our Story

At a time when the word trillion seemed a long way away, even before Apple, Microsoft and Amazon touched the $1 trillion market values.
Our founder thought up the name Bossatrillion !!!

The boss is my position & mindset, trillion is how rich I feel a number value of my inner riches, the letter A bridges the two words, think bigger, million times a million, thousand times a billion, boss a trillion...

The name started from a thought, a search from being just another boss! having a unique name for its founder Young Dynamo a rap musician and entrepreneur I called Myself Bossatrillion to distinguished Myself among bosses

In the late mid-2000s, I started creating and wearing my own original boss a trillion designs on hats, tees and button-up dickies on the pocket and back print. I would then add accessories such as buttons and pins to my clothing.